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CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais has said that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission  (The CRTC) decided to declare broadband internet service a ‘basic’ service. The CRTC further states that “It is important that Canadians can connect to quality Internet services at affordable prices”. Needless to say, if They weren’t concerned about Canadians being over charged for these services, they’d not be making these statements.

Do You own Research, a simple Google Search will result in many articles showing the past, present, and in some cases, soon to come Rate Hikes and Package Changes. In an Article, “Here’s a roundup of Bell, Telus and Rogers’ internet price increases and bundle changes” written by Rose Behar and published Mar 9, 2018, Rose shows recent increases by both Rogers and Bell.

Many Retail Customers, myself included, believe that the CRTC protects Us… The Consumer.

However, as You can See Here, the CRTC States:
“The CRTC does not intervene in the rates, quality of service issues, or business practices of Internet service providers as they relate to retail customers.”

That means that my believing the CRTC does not intervene in these areas in regards to Canadian Retail Internet Customers, We are Wrong! They Do Not!

Further, The CRTC States that it does provide Regulation to the Wholesaler of Internet Services.
The CRTC further States, “A wholesale customer is an Internet service provider who must use part of the large telephone and cable companies’ networks in order to offer Internet and other services to its own retail customers.

So, who should we turn to to get the best rates?

To me the obvious choice is the Wholesale Internet Customer, who is Regulated as described by the CRTC. These “Wholesale Internet Providers”, or “Resellers” as they are often called, who must use part of the large telephone and cable companies’ networks in order to offer Internet and other services to its own retail customers.

Does it make sense then, that the “Reseller”, in order to gain, and keep, Customers
The Reseller must provide Equal or Better Prices and Equal or Better Customer Service ?

Of Course it does!

That is why We’ve Partnered with “Wholesale” or “Reseller” Internet and Digital Phone Providers.
To help bring You Cheaper Internet, Phone, and Long Distance, services
while providing the same or Better Service at the same or Better Prices!

Here are some of the Residential and Business Services we can help you with!
Including Home Phone, Internet, Security & Automation, and Other Services for Your Home & Business.

Available Services for Home And Business

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