The Average Canadian Household Spends Over $200.00 a Month on Internet

That’s incredible, according to Stats Can, in 2016 there were 14.1 million private households in Canada.  With at least 70-80% of those homes having Access to Internet as far back as 2012. Quick Math says that means Canadians are spending over $2,820,000,000.00 a month on Internet Services. That staggering number does not include Businesses! reported that,

“Consumers are spending more on communication services but they aren’t getting any more for their money, according to a prominent critic of the telecom industry, who says the spending increases are due to a lack of competition, especially in the wireless and internet sectors.” ~

Which means that competition in the Industry is considered a good thing. That’s one reason we’ve become a Reseller, and Teamed up with Service Providers who share our Vision of Feeding Children.

Now, more Resellers are needed! That’s why We’re writing this Blog Post and turning to You, the Independent Business Owner! That’s right, this is an opportunity geared specifically for You!

You already have, or soon will have, a growing client or customer base who are going to buy Internet, Phone, and Long Distance Services from someone! Every month, month after month for the rest of their lives they will most likely buy these services from someone! Right? (Of Course).

Now, what if You could offer them their services at better prices? They’d gladly do business with You…
Because they already do! Right? So, it’s a complete no brainer! If there was a way for you to provide better customer service for your current customers and clients, saving them money, and feeding children in the process. Every time a new Customer is acquired, and every month when customers pay their Bills a Child will get a Meal!

Now, obviously You want to concentrate your efforts on your current business. Our partners realize this, and once you refer someone to them they’ll look after their Service, Collect their money, provide them customer support, and take care of Your Customers like they are their own! Then, based on your customers combined monthly spend, our Service Partners will send you a monthly residual for as long as your customer pays their Bill.

Would You like more information on how You can earn income by referring your existing, or new, customers to our service providers? Contact Me Today…

Have Questions? Call Toll Free: 877-484-2857

* Are You located, or have Customers or Clients in the USA? We have Services for You too!


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  • L| December 27, 2018

    I spend over $250 on internet and cable…
    Every month is a maybe…
    Only option here is Comcast/.Xfinity…
    Show another option…That is capable…

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