The Average Canadian Household Spends Over $200.00 a Month on Internet

That’s incredible, according to Stats Can, in 2016 there were 14.1 million private households in Canada.  With at least 70-80% of those homes having Access to Internet as far back as 2012. Quick Math says that means Canadians are spending over $2,820,000,000.00 a month on Internet Services. That staggering number does not include Businesses! reported that,

“Consumers are spending more on communication services but they aren’t getting any more for their money, according to a prominent critic of the telecom industry, who says the spending increases are due to a lack of competition, especially in the wireless and internet sectors.” ~

Which means that competition in the Industry is considered a good thing.

We’ve Totally Revamped Our Site

Looking at our Newly Revamped Site makes me wonder who will wonder how “New” we are!?

The Answer is, We’re not! A Quick Whois Lookup will confirm this site has been online since the 20th March, 2010. However, due to a recent update We’ve totally revamped the entire Site! A Big Job!

While We knew this would be a big Undertaking, We also knew this would let us better serve You in a way that makes it easier for Us to Help You with Your Business! The Tools, Services, and other Resources we promote on this Site are those We’ve used to become successful ourselves.

We have great things in store and we look forward to working with You!

Brian Hurlburt