Not All routers are created Equal

So, you’ve got the best Internet Package, but do You have a Router that can handle it?

I recently saw two Routers that to me looked identical. However, someone pointed out that one was a 75 or 100 MBps, and the other was a 75 MBps Router. To be honest, I ad to ask what the difference was?

For a better understanding,it is first important we understand our Internet Usage. Here, we’ve used 30.3 Gigabytes over the past 10 Days. Three of those days we were away. So, we’ve averaged 3.03 GB a day, or about 4.33 GB on days we’re home. So, if We were home and using our Internet every day, in a month with 31 Days we’d use about 134.23 GB of Internet Usage. So, if we had an Internet Plan with 300GB Monthly Usage it would be about twice what we need! Now, that doesn’t mean that’s all You’d use! I’m online a lot… but I’m not a Gamer, and while we have IPTV we don’t stream a number of movies, nor do we have a number of people using it at once.  One thing Our Internet Provider does for us, that we love, is they provide us with a place to check our Internet Usage as often as we like, and they send us an email notice when we hit the half way, and again when we’ve used 90% of our included Internet Usage. Not many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do that! We have a 500 GB Internet Usage Plan, so it’s not likely we’ll ever go over our Limit. But it’s nice to know that We can track our daily usage, and will be notified twice before that happens!! Then, if necessary, it’s only $10 more per month to change our plan to Unlimited. But, we really don’t need it! So, that helps us Save $120.00 a Year! Right?

Now, You may be wondering why, if we only use about 134.23 GB a month, why did we choose a 500 GB Plan and not a 300 GB Plan? To be honest, it’s due in part because I figured since I’m online so much I’d be using far more! However, it’s also because it’s only $10 more a month and it gives us twice the Upload Speed.

Now, I heard that! So, a quick explanation of Download and Upload and the Speeds.

Download Speed usage is usually higher because it is what is needed to view websites, spend time reading posts on social Media like Our FaceBook Page, and Streaming Video is what most people use most often. So most Internet Providers provide Internet Plans with Higher Download Speeds. To put it in to perspective the minimum speed for standard definition video streaming is 3 mbps, and for HD quality it’s 5mbps and for ultra HD quality it’s 25mbps. Note that these are the minimum requirements. So, when viewing Netflix, or IPTV, You should have at least 5 or 6 MBps (Megabytes per second) download speed.

Upload Speed determines how quickly you can send information to someone else. Our Digit Phone Service requires 0.45 MBps., which can generally work on most Internet Providers. It can become a little problematic in areas that have too many users on Line of Site, Rural Direct, Towers or with some Satellite Internet Services, in some remote areas.  It works well in DSL areas, and great with Broadband and High Speed Internet Services.

That’s why we chose a 75MBps Internet Package for Our Own Internet Service.
It gives us plenty of Speed, and is actually probably more than we need!
If We discover we need more Speed we can always upgrade to as much as 150MBps.

Bare in mind that Internet Speeds of 25-50 MBps are consider good

Now, the important thing here is, and the real purpose of this Post is to say that the important thing is to have a Router that matches, or is even better than, your Internet Speed. Thing is, if You have an Internet Package that gives you 150 MBps and You have a 100 MBps Router, that’s all your going to get, the 100 MBps. So, that cheap Dept. Store Router may not be Your Best Choice! The Router we use is this one…


I hope this has given you a better understanding of what Internet Speed You Need?
There are a lot of Companies out there who will gladly sell you more than you need!
That’s why We love our Internet Provider! They give us the options we need, they only sell us what we want, and they allow us to view our daily usage, and send us notifications when we near our limits. Then if we need more… it’s just $10 more to switch to Unlimited! Plus they provide Us our Digital Home Phone with Unlimited North American Calling for just $14.99 as an Add On, when Bundled! Not many Companies do that! To Check our Internet Service Provider… Click Here to See The Plans!

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